søndag 9. mars 2008


Her er et patchwork sampler jeg holder på med. Det er fra Tove Fevangs
 bok Lappeteknikk . Et fint prosjekt for å lære meg forskjellige teknikker. 
Det første forsøket på å ta bilde kjenner
alle katteeiere seg igjen i,  og de andre tenker 
"Å nei, ikke fler av de sprø kattene". 
Here is a patchwork sampler I am working on.
It is from Tove Fevang's book Lappeteknikk. 
A good project to learn different techniques. My first try to 
take a picture of it will all cat-owners
recognize, and the others think "Oh no, not more of those crazy cats" 

6 kommentarer:

Marita BK sa...

Flotte blokker. Nydelig pus også. katter er rare sånn, alltid skal de sette sine bein oppi ting de ikke har noe med *s* Min er intet unntak.

Peg - Happy In Quilting sa...

Very nice blocks.....and a very cute cat...

chiara sa...

Ah ah ..I'm one of the others since I have no cats! That's the block you talked me about, very very nice!
Did you receive my mail?
bye bye

Mona sa...

Very nice work, I recognize the blocks from the book. I have also made a quilt from that book, a 16
log cabin block.

I also have the same problem with my two cats, today my old cat did not want to move from the sewing machine table... So I picked up my knitting instead..

Christine sa...

Great blocks and nice to see your cat again. They do like to sit on our stitching.

Michelle sa...

Very cute kitty..isn't it funny how they like to come and sit on our projects? I guess they all want to be quilt inspectors. :)