onsdag 27. februar 2008

Strykebrett/Ironing board

Libby oppfordret på sin blogg å vise bilde av strykebrettet sitt.
Her er mitt strykebrett. The cat is "dronning" Iris. Katten må riktignok flytte seg når jeg skal stryke!
Libby asked people to show pictures of their ironing boards. Here is my
ironing board. The cat is "Queen" Iris. The cat has to move away when I am ironing!

5 kommentarer:

María Pilar sa...

Hellow, me ha alegrado recibir tu mensaje, y he podido entender que te gusta mi trabajo. Veo que tú también tienes un gatito y muy bonito. Siento si no comprendes el castellano. Besos

laurapatch sa...

He looks so happy on the ironing board :))

Libby sa...

So many ironing boards feature kitties *s* Thanks for playing along.

María Pilar sa...

I felt not to be able to write yesterday so that you understood to me but I have thought the one of the translator, I thus hope to be able to communicate to me with you. Kisses

Wendy sa...

Cats and ironing boards seem to go together. Your kitty is so sweet.